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New Platforms, New Trailer

Fight ‘N Rage Coming to Consoles

If you’ve been fighting ‘n raging in Fight ‘N Rage on PC since 2017 you may be asking yourself “What am I to do now with this persistent need to fight ‘n rage when I’m on the go?” Or “What about ragin’ ‘n fightin’ on consoles? And what’s killing the bees in our modern world, anyway?” If these questions apply to you, ask no more! Fight ‘N Rage will be coming to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on Sept 27th, and on the PlayStation 4 “soon.”

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Bringing couch co-op to the cloud

Couch Co-Op Night Stream Recap - Fight'N Rage and Wizard of Legend

There you are on your PC with a great co-op game to play, but no buddy available to sit on your couch and play it with you. What to do? Well, that's exactly the problem the folks over at Parsec wanted to solve. This third-party software allows you to turn any couch co-op game into an online co-op game! Nick and Mike took it for spin to see how it fares as they checked out Fight'N Rage and Wizard of Legend.

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