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Get Trouble Witches Neo, KOF SKy Stage, and more SNK classics on the cheap.

Metal Slug Series and SNK Shoot-em-ups Half Off This Week on Xbox Live

The new Xbox Live Deal of the Week should bring tears to many an SNK fan's eyes. Most of the Japanese publisher's Xbox Live Arcade games are on sale, which means there's co-op deals to be had! Metal Slug 3, Metal Slug XX, Trouble Witches Neo, and KOF Sky Stage all support 2 player co-op, and they're all half off for Xbox Live Gold members.

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Metal Slug XX Co-Op Review

It's rare that we get a chance to review a game that we already reviewed that didn't have co-op. Such is the case with Metal Slug XX, a remake of Metal Slug 7 which adds in the much needed co-op element. But does the XBLA game do enough to make it worth your hard earned MS points?

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Metal Slug XX and Aqua Join Xbox Live Arcade Co-Op Titles This Week

As we correctly guessed, Metal Slug XX will be released this week on Xbox Live Arcade.  The 1200  title features two player local and online co-op play with six different characters to choose from.  The same game has been available on the Nintendo DS as Metal Slug 7, which didn't include co-op play.  A PSP version was released last year as Metal Slug XX and added that feature in, but now we're getting the complete package with offline and online co-op.

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Metal Slug XX Character Profiles With Screens.

Metal Slug XX has officially promised lots of bullets, lots of explosions, and lots of characters. Sticking with the 2D classic graphics by SNK, being brought to us by Atlus, Metal Slug XX (pronounced "double x") will be arriving to the U.S. late February complete with ad-hoc co-op for $19.99. With an approaching release, we get our first formal look at the available characters and specialties for Metal Slug XX.

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