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Shattered Haven

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
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by Jason Love 0
  • couch
Another zombie game that's not another zombie game

Shattered Haven Co-Op Review

Arcen Games has made a name for themselves for making cooperative games within an established genre and adding their own twist, as we've seen with A Valley Without Wind, and to a degree, AI War. The latest game from this seemingly always busy developer is the environmental puzzler (with zombies), Shattered Haven. It's a different take on the usual zombie game and it works, in its own way.

by John Bardinelli 0
  • pc
  • couch
A unique horror experience from A Valley Without Wind developer.

Shattered Haven Brings Together Zombies and Puzzles

Arcen Games is on a roll. With A Valley Without Wind 2 hitting just a few months ago, the team has already shipped a new release. Shattered Haven is a top-down action adventure game stuffed with roguelike elements that just appeared on It even has a two player local co-op feature, just in case you want to sit down with a friend and outwit some zombies.

by Nick Puleo 0
  • pc
  • couch
An Action / RPG with Rogue-Like Elements

Shattered Haven Coming this Fall from Arcen Games

Arcen Games has a solid track record for co-op gamers.  With all three of their major releases now supporting co-op play (AI War, Tidalis, and A Valley Without Wind) -  it should come as no surprise their next game will also support co-op play.  Called Shattered Haven, Arcen's next game continues the trend that each title they tackle is vastly different from the previous.  This time the game is being touted as an action adventure with some rogue-like qualities.  

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