Space Nomads

  • Online Co-Op: 8 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
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Public alpha demo is ready to play!

Space Nomads Launches Crowdfunding Drive

Space Nomads, the cooperative defense from Loading Studios, has recently launched a crowdfunding drive on Indiegogo. The team is looking for a push to finish out some of the more elaborate features in the works, including fleshing out the explorable terrain, creating flying vehicles, designing a PvP mode, and adding underground areas and ocean biomes. Even more exciting is the alpha demo is available to download!

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Screamers do NOT sound like fun.

New Space Nomads Video Introduces the Bad Guys

Unveiled back in February, Space Nomads is a co-op first person tower defense game with some light sandbox elements set in a procedurally-generated world. It's being developed by a two man team called Loading Studios, and progress is being made at a steady clip. A new video has recently been released showing off a few of the enemies that will appear in the upcoming alpha release. As you might have guessed with a game that strands you on a desert-like alien world, each of these enemies is furry, cuddly, and eager to give you hugs and kisses!

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Build and craft your base, then get gnawed on by aliens

Indie Sandbox Defense Game Space Nomads Unveiled

Recently unveiled by Loading Studios, Space Nomads is a sandbox-style game that makes heavy use of resource gathering, building, crafting, exploration, and ample amounts of combat. The concept is still in its early stages but already looks great, mixing elements from games like Sanctum and Minecraft and promising online co-op play for Windows, Mac and Linux users.

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