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It's the best I could come up with on such short notice.

Our Weekend In Gaming: The Senile Parchments

A certain Bethesda multiplayer game has taken a tenuous hold on the Co-Opticrew this weekend (no, not that one, the better one).  By all accounts, Elder Scrolls Online has held up pretty well in the years since its 2014 launch.  This bodes well for Bioware, another titan of the single player RPG space, as they dip their own toe into the multiplayer space in a scant seven days.  We'll find out soon if it can attain a similar longevity.

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Previews of plans for TERA\'s console version, a new bundle for Guild Wars, and an ongoing event for ESO

MMO Co-Opportunities XCVI: Road Maps, Collections, and Celebration Events

As snow and cold gusts blow across the U.S., it’s the perfect time to stay inside and get some MMO gaming in. This month for MMOCO we’ll be looking at TERA’s console plans for 2019, a release of Guild Wars’ “Complete Collection” pack, and a currently ongoing event in Elder Scrolls Online. TERA Previews 2019&rs...

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Weekend games for the soul.

Our Weekend In Gaming: A Delicious Concoction

The Co-Opticrew has delivered quite the concoction of weekend plans this time around, with a wide array of aesthetics, mechanics, and settings.  It's honestly kind of exciting to know that while I explore the remnants of a (relatively) near-future space station, Locke will be groovin' down with the two coolest dudes in the galaxy.  Meanwhile, Marc will be battling monsters and reading the Middlest of English dialogue.  Gaming's pretty wild these days, huh?

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1 Game to Rule Them All

Co-Optimus Turns 11, Vote For Your All Time Favorite Co-Op Game

It was 11 years ago today that we opened our doors to the world. A website dedicated to gaming together in a non-competitive way, launching a database to help people find and share the type of games they love. We've come a long way in that time, gaming has changed quite a bit, but we still love teaming up with some pals to take down a boss or conquer a challenge just as much.

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Simple, Subtle, Superb

Hyper X Pulsefire Core Review

I have floated back and forth between console and PC gaming over the years. While focusing on the PC field and adding to my Steam library more I have found that the hardware is as important as the games themselves. Thankfully, the HyperX Pulsefire Core does a wonderful job as an entry level piece of hardware for those entering, or reentering, the PC field.

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I guess you could say we're quite... Taken... with it.

Our Weekend In Gaming: ...It's Destiny 2

Change is inevitable, but if the Co-Opticrew can cling to a game for as long as humanly possible, then by gosh, they're going to.  As such, Destiny 2 remains a prominent feature in our weekend plans.  I know the game's in a good place, and this latest expansion has reworked its systems in some very smart ways, but geez y'all, at least pretend to like other things.

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