Yar's Revenge

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
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by Andrew Gaskill 1
  • xbox live arcade
  • pc
  • playstation network
  • couch

New Video for Yar's Revenge Features Bugs, Weapons, and Gameplay Footage

A few months ago we brought you news that Atari is remaking the Atari 2600 classic, Yar's Revenge.  The staff member (hint: it was me) who posted the article was a little distraught over the new look of "Yar."  The main protagonist of the game is no longer a bad-a$$ metallic fly, but is now a half-armored anime girl.  Remember the slow death currently happening to the Japanese game industry?  Can we please stop emulating them? I've seen a lot of half-dressed anime babes in gaming, I cannot say the same for giant metal death flies.  

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