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You (and you) and I.

Our Weekend In Gaming: Just The Three Of Us

Welcome, everyone, to the latest edition of "Our Weekend In Gaming"!  Most of the Co-Opticrew has adopted radio silence this week.  Maybe it's because they're all working on some super secret project, but it's more likely due to them all forgetting to respond to an email that's sent out at the same time every week.  Regardless, we remaining few are happy to divulge our weekend plans.

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We're rudderless, I tells ya!

Our Weekend In Gaming: No Boss Blues

Nick's away on a cruise this weekend, and the Co-Opticrew's all beat up about it.  Without someone to bust our chops and get us in line, we're aimless!  Eric's talking gibberish to a soda machine, Locke's making a mural out of old mechanical keyboards, and Jason... well, let's just say that police horse had it coming.

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A crossover event for TERA, Kritika Online servers to be shuttered, and a new type of server for Anarchy Online

MMO Co-Opportunites Volume XCVII: Crossovers, Closures, and Progression

In this issue of MMOCO, we have a big ol’ mix of things. We take a look at an unusually-themed crossover event for TERA, the closure of NA and EU servers for Kritika Online, and a new type of server being introduced for Anarchy Online....

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I call the window seat!

Our Weekend In Gaming: Field Trip

The Co-Opticrew is off to Washington DC to get a taste of all the looting, shooting, and shlooting that Tom Clancy's Games Squad has cooked up for us.  Will there be numbers appearing over bad guys as we shoot them?  Yes.  Will we spend hours pursuing ways to make those numbers arbitrarily larger than they previously were?  Also yes.

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