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Co-Op Monthly Round-Up for July 2023
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Co-Op Monthly Round-Up for July 2023

The calm before the storm

Ah, July... such a calm month compared to the "Not-E3-craziness" of June. The database master "only" added 98 new entries to the database, many of which were older titles we were still missing, like all the shoot'em ups by famed Japanese developer Triangle Service.

In terms of new releases: they were mostly spread out evenly over the whole month and featured the usual mix of high profile titles like Jagged Alliance 3 and Remnant II finally hitting store shelves (that mostly didn't disappoint this time around), re-releases of old classics for new platforms (e.g. Twisted Metal 2 on PS4/PS5) and interesting indie titles like the point 'n click murder mystery adventure Whispers in the West. So take a look below, pick your poison and play away!

But hurry up! August is packed to the brim with bear sex and many other titles that (sadly) don't feature such high quality gaming content to experience with friends.

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