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Squad 51 vs. the Flying Saucers

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Elder Scrolls Online Shows off First Person Mode
The Elder Scrolls Online combines two types of games that both have massive player bases: the Elder Scrolls and MMOs. While some are excited about the prospect and others are considerably less enthusiastic, I think both groups were surprised about one particular aspect of the game when it was first announced: there was no first person mode (or at least in the same way that its utilized in other Elder Scrolls games like Skyrim, for example). It was revealed that ESO would support a first person mode, but not with the traditional hands, arms, and weapons seen in most first person games. Late in May, however, good news arrived for all those first-person Elder Scrolls fans out there: first person mode with hands/arms is officially in for ESO. While first leaked by a closed beta player, in the past week or so ZeniMax has welcomed press to preview the first person mode officially. The general consensus seems to be that this addition makes it feel a whole lot more like an Elder Scrolls game. CVG’s preview of first person mode is included below.

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The Co-Op Experience: A second player can enter a level any time. Earn points with your friend and unlock together new special weapons and upgrades.

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