Co-Optimus - Review - Zombie Wrangler Co-Op Review

Zombie Wranglers

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • Couch Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign

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Is it safe yet? 

Your online co-op gives you the option of third person view and overhead camera view, while local co-op cheats players with one single overhead camera. By having no split screen on the local gameplay, players are linked together in a limited playing sphere, limiting their mobility toward valuable objects and the ability to flee a mob of zombies. Having 2 characters on a single screen is pretty bad, but 4 characters on a very limited space like that, all chained together by the single camera, is restricted and frustrating.

To add to the local co-op limitations, if a player dies, their corpse traps the screen over them until they respawn. Dooming a partner in need of heath, or power ups. Online co-op doesn't have this issue at all, as the characters are controlled on individual screens and can get as far away as necessary to fully sweep a screen for secret items. The one advantage to overhead camera angles is the vantage point to important items. Though, having the option to enter the overhead camera mode gives the online co-op the gold star.

Online co-op plays much like the single player campaign - Independent characters fulfilling their chore list goals, only you have a buddy to back you up if you get swamped by enemies, or are in the mindset to clear the entire level in sweeping formation. There isn't much to this game, it's very straightforward mindless fun for a few hours at a time. Co-op makes it more enjoyable while making commentary on the goofy surroundings, or zombie types that enter the screen.

I ain't afraid of no

Co-op in Zombie Wranglers gives the mundane tasks a bit more depth, and supporting one another to efficiently mop up the undead is much more satisfying than doing it alone. Local co-op falls short by having a restrictive single-screen camera, but also gives a different vantage point for playing!  Online co-op is where it's at, and really fits well within the game.  These four kids are friends in their neighborhood, so why separate them for a boring single-player experience? 


Co-Op Score

The Co-Op Experience: This top down/3rd person shoot has a unique twist to your traditional zombie game. You'll be sucking up various type of zombies instead of exploding them. All while working with 3 of your buddies. Challenges are completed cooperatively.

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