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Madballs in…Babo: Invasion

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    I see you brought the big ball to this battle...

    While the "Enduro-mode" co-op does not have a current save feature, it is still much more enjoyable than playing through the campaign mode solo. Each enemy taken down cooperatively earns you a co-op kill - a way to boost that score! There is also a multiplier system which is shared between the players. Each time a player takes a hit, part of that multiplier is knocked off. It becomes beneficial to your own score to cover your buddies ball!

    Not feeling challenged enough in the main story? Ready to master some levels individually? Well, any level you've unlocked on your own will open up a "Level attack" mode, which is also available in co-op. This mode pits you against the clock to boost your score as high as you can get it in as little amount of time possible. Having additional co-op buddies not only gives you more baddies to kill for points, but the score is shared as well!

    During our playsession with the PlayBrains team, we mentioned our disappointment about the lack of save-option in the co-op mode - call it a kick in the Madballs. We also found that at times it was difficult to locate your team mates if you got separated. While PlayBrains didn't confirm anything, they seemed generally interested in our feedback and said it was something they would look into. This is very good news for co-oppers!

    Even though the single player game is definitely worth taking a look at, it just didn't bring the amount of insanity that co-op did. Of course, we didn't even touch on the 12 player versus maps - where you can integrate your avatar into the mix, or just battle royale with in-game characters! We were anything but mad while playing Madballs in...Babo: Invasion. The zany concept, the fast paced action, the depth and strategy were all a pleasant surprise. Like any good game the co-op mode makes things even more fun. There is no end to the fun - go grab 'em by the balls!


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