Madballs in…Babo: Invasion

    Madballs Wants To Show You Some Skin
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    Madballs Wants To Show You Some Skin

    Madballs in..Babo: Invasion has a new incentive to use your Madballs online. Playbrains, the masterminds behind this insanely fun co-op action, wants you to dress up your Balls with the free (for a limited time) Obsidian Magmor skin.

    Why would anyone care about getting one skin for free? Well, beside rolling your Magmor around in obsidian style, new players will automatically unlock the Scorched campaigns Heavy class. Check it out in the Xbox Live Marketplace quick, before this offer ends!

    "The Limited Edition Obsidian Magmor skin gives Magmor a snazzy new look, and players who haven't yet unlocked Magmor will get automatic access to the character upon downloading the skin."

    If you haven't purchased Madballs in..Babo: Invasion yet, I'd get on it before this offer ends (800)! I have a feeling we'll see a lot more great things like this for Madballs down the road.