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The Alienware M17x is most capable of competing with a high end desktop PCs. And while PC hardware seems to move at a really fast pace, you won’t necessarily be left behind as there’s room to expand or upgrade certain components like the processor and video cards. The overall construction makes it easy to access your components as they sit underneath two screws and a small cage at the bottom of the laptop.

So now comes the time in our review where we reveal the shocker. The thing where most people seem to balk at. The price. As configured our system ran $2599 plus taxes and shipping.  It’s definitely one of the most expensive 17” laptops out there.  It isn't hard though to find a few discounts and promotions to knock a few hundred dollars off the price.  

The overall quality of the system is top notch, and as the age old adage goes – you get what you pay for. The system is the perfect addition for someone who wants a machine they can take with them to a friends house for LAN-ing, and doesn't want to sacrifice performance.



  • Solid construction
  • Easily upgradable for a laptop
  • Great performance
  • Very customizable and unique looking
  • Very clean install of Windows Vista OOTB


  • Expensive
  • Touch pad is a bit clicky
  • Huge in size makes finding a bag difficult 


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