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Out of the box we ran 3D Mark Vantage 1.01. The tests yielded a score of 10951 - which from what we here is actually kind of low.  But that's just synthetic benchmarks, what we really care about is playing those co-op games.

So enough about the specs and lights, lets take a look at some of the benchmarks we ran in the latest PC co-op titles.


 Call of Duty: World at War supports co-op play through the game's campaign as well as in the four player Zombie mode.  We played through the newest Zombie Map - Shi No Numa - running the latest patch of the game - Version 1.5.

We cranked all settings to the max and ran it at 1920x1200.  The entire experience was silky smooth and gorgeous.  There was no hiccups at all, even when the zombie action got hectic.  The above graph represents our play from level 1 to level 11 of the mode.


Sacred 2: Fallen Angel on the PC was a solid title that we enjoyed in its four player co-op mode earlier this year.  We ran through the opening sequence of Sacred 2 with a newly created Guardian character while having FRAPs tell us the frame rates.

We ran the game at 1920x1200 resolution with all settings on high.  The game was very playable with little no slowdowns other than some loading hiccups.  Sacred 2 truly is one of the prettiest games out there, and the M17x really helped that show.

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