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 Everybody loves the gritty co-op action of Dawn of War 2 and it's campaign following a band of space marines.  But it's always been a bit of a system hog to run it with all the bells and whistles - thankfully the M17x stepped up to the plate.

We used the game's internal benchmark to get our stats.  Running at 1920x1200 resolution with all settings on High and AA Enabled the benchmark ran along fairly well with a few hiccups.  In our actual play testing though the game was almost as smooth as butter and looked really good to boot.  Cutting Orks apart with chainsaws never looked so pretty.


Left 4 Dead's four player co-op action has taken gamers by storm, and the PC version may have been the biggest and most popular version thanks to the modability of it.  We created a time demo based on the No Mercy standoff mission on the rooftop of the hospital.  

The game was set at 1920x1200 resolution with 4xAA, Trilinear filtering, Very high shaders, high effects and high model/texture detail.  The result?  A silky smooth zombie slaughter fest.


 Trine's three player co-op mode impressed us, though we would have liked to see some online loving.  That being said the game's art direction sets this physics based platformer apart from the rest.  We used FRAPs to record a playthrough the Fangle Forrest level and got our above numbers.

The game was run at 1920x1200 with all settings enabled.  The game was completely playable with almost no hiccups - even when the physics got crazy!

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