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Band of Bugs
Katrina "Shadokat Regn" Pawlowski
Ninja Bee - XBLA

Band of Bugs puts you in the shoes of a young royal bug named Maal, who is off to join the army as many other young bugs do. As a military leader, Maal has enlisted different types of bugs, each with different classes to help him out. You'll have an archer, a mage, flying bugs, and big powerful bugs by your side. As a turn based tactics game, you have to plan each attack very carefully according to each bugs strength - or, you'll likely end up pushed off a map or squashed like a bug.

Think of Band of Bugs as a chess game with bugs. Each bug can move a different number of squares, and over different types of terrain. For instance, a mosquito, while not very powerful, can "stand" on water or quicksand without any ill effects. While a beetle is much more powerful, but will drown if they tread over water. Likewise, bugs can attack at different ranges, with different effects. Keep your archers clear of danger by attacking from a distance with a risk to your accuracy, or sneak behind an enemy to deliver a devestating blow.

Band of Bugs is relatively forgiving for a tactics game, with simple controls and detailed walkthroughs - perfect for inexperienced gamers. There are also a fair amount of challenges for those that find the main quests a bit too simple. Each mission will give you a set task to move on, and optional objectives for that added challenge.

Brilliantly written dialog, as well as quirky bug characters gives Band of Bugs the type of personality that only NinjaBee Games can deliver. Check out the Soundtrack from NinjaBee for a preliminary taste of Bug. Band of Bugs is full of content and ongoing developer support - so, extend those gameplay hours with some DLC campaigns, or turn your Xbox avatar into a bug warrior!


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