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Global Agenda

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Modes

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Getting back to the PVE missions, there are some pros and cons regarding them. The PVE missions get more challenging and more fun at the higher difficulties. Some maps offer some interesting environmental effects (e.g. lava, or huge compressors that slam down at short intervals, or huge elevator shafts that you must jet-pack down) which provide interesting challenges. Certain mobs and bosses require a good amount of strategy to take down with minimal deaths, so communication between team-mates is definitely important, which definitely has a great co-op feel to it. On a related note, Global Agenda has a great built-in in-game voice chat system. The sound quality is really quite good, so it's easy to communicate with your team members. As for the not so great, after awhile, PVE begins to feel repetitive. There are simply not enough different types of enemies or enough different maps in the map cycle. You'll get used to doing the same ones over and over again. While the combat is definitely fun, doing pretty much the same mission time and time again can get tedious.

I had a great amount of fun playing Global Agenda. The gameplay is fast-paced, the character building system feels comfortably familiar, yet innovative at the same time, and there's a huge amount of teamwork going on at all times. It loses some points, however, on the purely co-operative PVE front. The PVP half of the game is really where Hi-Rez is most concerned, and thus the PVE can sometimes feel a little lackluster. The PVE missions, while interesting enough at first, start to feel repetitive if you do too many in a row. It's a good game with a great amount of potential. Hi-Rez has been adding a great amount to the game in patches (there's actually a big upcoming patch, 1.3, on the horizon), so hopefully we'll see some more variety added to the PVE in the near future. There's a free trial out for the game that sounds as if it's for an unlimited amount of time, but it limits players to level 15 and locks certain features like using the mail system, voice chat, and joining an agency. If you're interested, you could try it out!


Co-Op Score

The Co-Op Experience: In general, Co-op missions are for a squad of 4 players against AI bad guys ending with controlled enemy bosses. There are several variations of co-op missions, mostly related to difficulty, including ones with a larger number of player-characters. There are also higher level PvE missions that will be available to subscribers, yielding elite components and loot.

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