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Sports Champions

Sports Champions is the game I spent the most time with and the one that shows off the Move the best. Like Wii-Sports, Sports Champions is a collection of mini-games that showcase the different actions you can do with the controller. The improvement here isn’t only the really pretty graphics, but the depth at which the sports can be played at.

A few titles - while they work with one motion controller - basically require two. Archery, Gladiator Duels, and Volleyball all come to mind as something that’s just not the same unless you have two orb topped controllers at your disposal.

In archery one controller mimics your front hand while the other will mimic the back. You’ll go through all the motions of taking the arrow out of the quiver, placing it on the bow, pulling back the string, aiming and firing. With one controller you’ll only be aiming a mouse cursor - definitely not the same.

The Gladiator Duel game has one controller putting your sword hand in motion while the other utilizes your shield for blocking. Without the extra controller you need to memorize button combinations to do various maneuvers. The Volleyball game is similar where each Move is one of your hands for setting, bumping, and even serving.

Speaking of Volleyball - it’s your only co-opable game in the collection.

Rounding out the collection we have Bocce Ball, Ping Pong and Disc Golf. I had a good time with each of these and each had their stand out moments of when the controller really showcased itself. In Bocce Ball for instance it was incredibly easy to not only see the 1:1 motion of my arm and the on screen character, it was able to control the height, distance, and other aspects of my throw very naturally. In Ping Pong it was natural to apply spin, position and power to my shots.

For me Sports Champions was a ton of fun and I liked the ladder style of opponents to play against. I would have preferred that it was more upfront with the controller requirements but the game shows off the Move quite well.

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