MMO Co-Opportunities Volume CIX: Mythics, Cross-Play, and Season Passes
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MMO Co-Opportunities Volume CIX: Mythics, Cross-Play, and Season Passes

Updates for TERA, Black Desert, and Bless Unleashed

Spring is beginning to arrive, bringing with it some big content updates for older and established MMOs and some launches for new MMOs. For this month on MMOCO, we take a look at major updates for TERA and Black Desert, as well as some launch details for new Xbox One MMO Bless Unleashed. Let’s jump in.

Kaia’s Anvil Update Live in TERA
Last week the latest free content update to TERA (“Kaia’s Anvil”) launched on PC, bringing with it two new 5-player dungeons, a new tier of gear rarity, and an update to the Adventure Coin system.

The Corrupted Skynet dungeon will take players to the Exodor Archipelago while the Forbidden Arena dungeon is located deep in Val Elenium. Both have their own sets of achievements, and have the chance to drop Exodor gear, amongst other possible rewards. Corrupted Skynest is also available in a Hard version. Entrance to the normal versions of these dungeons costs 220 Adventure Coins, while entry into Corrupted Skynest (Hard) will set players back 250 Adventure Coins. To account for this, the cap to players’ accumulated Adventure Coins has been increased to 1200 (or 1800 for Elite)

The new Mythic rarity gear requires players complete the Kaia’s Anvil quest in order to unlock the ability to craft it. Once unlocked, players can combine a piece of Exodor gear (either Annihilation or Dark Light) with either Heroic Oath gear or a Black Core Essence to create a Mythic piece of gear. More details in the video below.

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