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Zen Studios Planet Minigolf

Another PlayStation Move game I spent a lot of time with was Planet Minigolf - a title that’s actually been around for a bit but got the Move support added in a free patch. The version I played actually had the Stronghold Island DLC available. This adds Pirate and Castle themed levels to the game.

Putting using the Move felt completely natural - though getting the pattern down for swinging took some time. To putt you’ll need to press a button to initiate aiming, use the Move to aim your shot, then click another button to start the swing, and then do a putting motion. The problem I found was I kept accidentally hitting the button and releasing it to fast and the game would pick up a quick jerk motion causing me to hit the ball 3 inches. Eventually I got my rhythm down, but until I did this was frustrating.

The courses themselves were a lot of fun with plenty of creative holes to play. Yes there are windmills to hit through. Yes there are giant suits of armor to contend with. Yes there are loop-de-loops.

One great thing I didn’t realize was you can actually create your own custom holes and courses in the game and share them with the community - as of now there’s over 25k custom holes to play.

If mini-golf is your thing and you have a knack for creating interesting shots - I’d suggest giving Planet Minigolf a try with the Move. There’s a lot of to do in the game itself with quick play, tournaments and multiplayer - combined with the creative community aspects, it’s a bargain for $10.

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