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Steel Series Spectrum 4XB and 5XB Gaming Headsets Review - Page 2


I did have a few issues with the AudioMixer.  First off, it has a very tight fit to the Xbox 360 controller.  When I first used the headset I couldn't hear voice chat.  So I He-Manned it on and it worked fine.  After detaching and reattaching it a few times the fit feels better.  The toggles for the mic mute and LiveMix could have been hardier.  They don't feel like they're going to break, but they don't feel super durable either. 

Here is the make-it or break-it for these headsets:  You have to be tethered to your Xbox 360 and your TV for them to work.  There are 3 meters of cable, or almost ten feet for those of you who only speak American.  This might not be an issue to some, but for those of us who have palatial game rooms, servants, and harems of careless women; or those of you who have dogs, children, or Roombas, extra wires traveling down the center of your main living area might not be the best idea.  For an in-depth description of just how the Spectrum XB's hook up to your system in I hired a professional film maker to shoot this video depicting exactly what it takes to make these cans sing. 

For added authenticity I added 'crying baby noise' in the background and lowered the light level to make it look as amateurish as possible.  I then had Morgan Freeman do the narration, but for some reason he sounded a little off that day.  I also threw in a giant pug.  You guys like pugs, right?

For those of you who don't take the time to watch videos, the cans plug into the AudioMixer on the controller, which then plugs into the Xbox 360 USB port, as well as your TV's audio out ports.  Single output or RCA red/white jacks are supported.

Boy, those of you who didn't watch the video sure missed out!  Of course Rocky is not impressed!  He hasn't heard the awesome, awesome sound.  And the sound is very good, indeed.  If you can get past the 'wired' part of the Spectrum XB in this wireless age, you are in for a real treat.  While working on another story with Jim, we got to playing Red Dead Redemption.  The sound was amazing.  I almost wanted to duck at times.  A few Firefights in Halo: Reach showed just what the LiveMix could do, as sounds faded for voice chat evenly.  I got a chance to put them on for a Fall Out: New Vegas session.  It brought a smile to my face when I fired off a few rounds and heard shell casings dropping over my right shoulder, just like at the range. 

I decided to try out a movie to see how they held up for some home theatre use.  I popped in 300, because try as it might, that film still hasn't made me gay yet.  After watching from the part where they throw that spear at that guy, to the part where they shield themselves from those arrows, I was still straight, and impressed with the headset, too. ( I would like to note that I have nothing against homosexuals, Zach Snyder, or the abuse of slow motion.)

I even decided to Frankenstein my TV a little bit for some dual headset action.  The RCA plugs are built for piggy backing.