De Blob 2

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
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de Blob 2 Co-Op Review
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de Blob 2 Co-Op Review

A few years ago developer Blue Tongue Entertainment had this brilliant idea. Literally, a brilliant idea full of color and a quirky cast of rebels out to paint the world. If everyone can please take a moment to open their minds to the color of the de Blob 2 world, we can go on one of the best cross-platform adventures imagined. Bring your kids, or siblings, or whoever likes good, simple fun with a splash of challenge.

Pick up a controller and you become one with the hero of the game: Blob. Blob is a ball of water who picks up any color he gets close to, able to paint the world. His size is based on how much paint he has in him, and he uses that paint from his body to paint walls, pillars, buildings, and bring the world back to life.

Blob is joined by a variety of characters who are all brightly colored to match the theme of the game. These characters will help Blob by giving you tasks to advance the story. Since all of your allies are colorful good-guys, it’s time to introduce the bland bad-guys.

Your first enemy that comes from the first game is Conrade Black. In the first game Blob defeated Conrade Black and sent him to a sky ship out on his own. Well, Conrade Black is back. He’s crash landed on a beautiful, colorful island and started sucking the color out of everything.

Conrade Black is an all-black version of Blob, corrupted by dark ink. In Conrade Black’s color-less world, much of the water supply is replaced by ink. If Blob touches the ink, it hurts him and he’s suddenly unable to paint the world until he washes the ink off. When Blob touches the water, he turns clear again and can pick up any color he chooses.

The all-white enemy of the color world is Blanc, who creates a cult around removing color. His cult followers will attack Blob when he tries to paint things, and they are the most common enemies of the world. As you advance from one stage to another, you’ll see a lot more bad guys and a lot more ways to paint the world.

In the beginning of the game, Blob sits in paint pools to soak up paint (up to 100 points of paint to start with). These pools completely replace Blob’s color. Later on you’ll see some spider-robots that suck the paint out of buildings. When blob destroys these enemies, he can mix paint colors to create new colors.

When you destroy a Red and Blue spider-robot, you’ll get a Purple paint. Mix Yellow and Blue for Green paint, etc. This is important for some of the more challenging paint jobs. Some buildings require a specific color to complete the paint job which lures out the Greydians or other civilians to repopulate the world with colorful blobs - so you’ll have to hit the right part of the building with the right color.

Alternately you play the game as a platforming game, where the screen changes to a side-scrolling game and you spend your energy solving puzzles more than making sure you paint everything. The side-scrolling parts of the game come from inside of buildings or sewers, and you have to paint certain switches to unlock paint pools or restore important buildings in these sequences.