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Play as Marine Corps or Imperial Japanese Army across two campaigns

Pacific DLC Arrives Next Week for Running with Rifles

While it's been some time since we last checked in on Running with Rifles, the devs have been continuing their support of the top-down shooter and have a new historically-themed piece of DLC dropping next week. The "Pacific" DLC adds two full campaigns to the title that will allow over 40 players to play through them cooperatively.

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Can't we all just co-op instead?

Friction Builds Between Sven Co-Op Developers and Community

Please stay behind the yellow line. The drama train is pulling into the station. Sven, a co-op mod for the original Half-Life, has been around for just under two decades. Earlier this year the much beloved mod got a free standalone release, an act that, as it turns out, would bring to light controversies building between the community and the development team.

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