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Trine 2 Might be the Prettiest 3D Game to Date, Screens Prove It

Want to see what the three player co-op Trine 2 looks like in 3D but don't have the game or 3D hardware required to do so?  NVidia has you covered with an entire gallery of 3D shots of the game viewable with simple Red/Blue glasses amongst other methods.  If you've played Trine or the Trine 2 beta you know the game is ripe for 3D support, with a rich multi-layered world that is full of colors it simply comes to life in 3D.

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Trine 2 PC Details Include Cross Platform Play, Steamworks, and 3D Support

Frozenbyte has confirmed some swanky features for the PC version of Trine 2, which releases early next month.  The game will utilize Steamworks for achievements, friends, and matchmaking for the three player co-op mode.  Best of all - PC and Mac users can play the copy on either platform thanks to SteamPlay support.   Even better, the game allows for cross platform play between the PC and Mac!

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NVIDIA and ASUS Launch Improved 3D Glasses and Display

One problem I've always had with the current generation of active 3D glasses is that they just make the image on the screen appear darker.  Today, NVIDIA has launched their 3D Vision 2 glasses for monitors, projectors and TVs that promise to alleviate that issue while also being a lighter and longer lasting pair of 3D glasses.  The glasses are redesigned to be lighter and made from softer materials so wearing them isn't quite a burden, but the really attractive features of this kit is when you pair it with a new Light Boost capable display.

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