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And Arcen Games' games are filed with co-op!

Lastest Indie Royale Bundle is Filled with Arcen Games Releases

A new bundle recently rolled into the Indie Royale offices, bringing with it a fistful of games from the commanders of cool co-op titles, Arcen Games! The Arclight Bundle sports ten games in all, each one borne from the loving bosoms of the A Valley WIthout Wind creator, and each one featuring co-op play in one form or another. To summarize: Arcen Games stuff for cheap. Buy now.

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In which we discuss Arcen's approach to game design and AVWW 2

Indie-Ana Co-Op - Q and A with Arcen Games, Part 1

It has been over 3 years since the last time we spoke with Arcen Games and its founder, Chris Park. In that amount of time, many developers would have released another game, maybe two. Arcen has produced and released no less than three games and a ton of content for A.I. War; and there's more on the way. We speak with Chris about one of his latest releases, AVWW2, as well what drives Arcen.

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Like a board game with action sequences

A Valley Without Wind 2 Co-Op Review

Part strategy, part platformer, part RPG, part board game. A Valley Without Wind 2 takes a lot of different elements and throws them together in a single release. The crazy thing is it works, and it works really well. A massive improvement over the original and a superb game in its own right, A Valley Without Wind 2 is a deep and rewarding strategy game that's going to collect groups of extremely devoted fans.

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