Skyward Collapse

  • Online Co-Op: 8 Players
  • LAN Co-Op: 8 Players
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Arcen Games Mega Pack Giveaway
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Arcen Games Mega Pack Giveaway

Contests Day 2

Today we continue our week long celebration of the launch of Co-Optimus 4.0 with more giveaways. How would you like to own every single game Arcen Games have created for the PC? Enjoying the co-op goodness of not one, not two... but six co-op titles. Today we've got three packs to give away that feature one copy of each of their unique titles. 

Here's what's included:

A.I. War (Review) - 8 Player online co-op real time strategy game set in an expansive universe.

A Valley Without Wind (Review) - A 16 player online co-op side scrolling action game with randomly generated worlds.

A Valley Without Wind 2 (Review) - Adds new strategy elements, enhanced graphics and more.

Skyward Collapse (Review) - 8 player online co-op turn based strategy set in a fantasy world.

Shattered Haven (Review) - A top down survival game for two players locally

Tidalis (Review) - A co-op puzzler for 2 players locally or 4 online.


To enter to win just click the Enter Contest button below. We'll choose three lucky winners to receive ALL six titles on July 18th. And don't forget you still have time to enter yesterday's contest for a copy of Fuse.

Special thanks to the folks at Arcen Games for supplying the codes for the giveaway!

Click the button below to enter the contest.

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