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Prime members can now play Get Packed: Couch Chaos in co-op via Luna!

Amazon Luna Game Streaming Arrives in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Germany

Amazon's Luna game streaming service is slowly but surely growing and improving, allowing Prime members to play a monthly selection of games at no cost. Meanwhile, paid membership tiers like "Luna Plus" and "Ubisoft Plus" offer a wide selection of games to stream. Now more gamers than ever can access Luna because the se...

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Enjoy the hack-and-slash epic on your Firestick, phone, tablet, and more.

Samurai Warriors 5 Now Playable via Cloud Gaming on Amazon Luna

One of the benefits of Xbox Game Pass that has recently come to light is the convenience of playing games from the cloud. Xbox isn't the only cloud game in town, though; Amazon has a cloud gaming service called Luna as well. The "Luna Plus" subscription tier includes lots of seriously cool co-op games like River City Girls, Sonic Mania, and now: Samurai Warriors 5 from Koei Tecmo. With the Luna version, players can control numerous Japanese historical figures, wade into battles filled with hundreds of foes, and even enjoy 2-player local co-op.

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