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Two months until you can take to the streets of River City once more

River City Girls Arrives Soon For All Your Co-Op Brawling Needs

Perhaps one of the most well-known and classic entries in the "co-op beat 'em up" genre is River City Ransom, which was originally released over 30 years ago on the Famicon/NES. That game was actually the third in the (now) long-running "River City" (or, "Kunio-Kun") series and all these years later, it's getting what feels like a sequel in the form of River City Girls. The twist? Rather than playing as "Alex" (Kunio) and "Ryan" (Riki) who set out across the city to rescue their girlfriends, you play as Kyoko and Misako (the girlfriends) and set out to rescue your boyfriends.

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