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Beyond Co-Op Reviews - November 2010

As the gaming season winds down, we are still kneed deep in our reviews. This month we have several triple A single player titles to look at including two from the James Bond franchise, a new Assasin's Creed and many others. Beyond Co-Op Reviews look at the games that don't necessarily have co-op.

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Ubisoft Lacked Time and Resources for Co-Op In Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

We've talked about Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood in the past on Co-Optimus, not because it contains co-op, but rather to clear up confusion that it DOESN'T contain co-op.  All of the marketing material, videos, and information we had scene suggested cooperative play without actually saying it - after all - a brotherhood isn't so much a fellowship without other fellows.

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E3 2010 Assassins Creed: Brotherhood Co-op Trailer?

From the looks of it, the November 16th release of Assassins Creed: Brotherhood will have quite a few surprises. Not only will this be the first Assassins Creed to continue with a figure of the past (starring Ezio Auditori), but he'll have a few friends with him. The game looks to live up to the previous visual quality of Assassins Creed titles, but we're not sure where the story is headed with this new Brotherhood.

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