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Prices so low you'll scream.

Give Your Wallet to Valve - It's Time for Another Steam Sale

Valve is holding a Steam sale to celebrate Halloween with many of the titles on sale featuring horror elements. Valve will use any holiday as an excuse for a sale. There's an INCREDIBLE number of titles discounted at least 25% off, with many offering 50% to 75% off their normal price. We've compiled a list of all of the co-op titles you can acquire. Weep for your wallets ladies and gentlemen, weep for them.

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Burn Zombie Burn Co-Op Review

With a title like Burn Zombie Burn a game immediately has a lot of potential. This PlayStation Network exclusive pits co-op players against hordes of angry zombies with only one goal in mind - burn em all. We'll find out if you should crack open the flamethrower for this one, or if it's only luke warm.

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