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Give Your Wallet to Valve - It's Time for Another Steam Sale
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Give Your Wallet to Valve - It's Time for Another Steam Sale

Prices so low you'll scream.

Valve is holding a Steam sale to celebrate Halloween with many of the titles on sale featuring horror elements. Valve will use any holiday as an excuse for a sale. There's an INCREDIBLE number of titles discounted at least 25% off, with many offering 50% to 75% off their normal price. We've compiled a list of all of the co-op titles you can acquire. Weep for your wallets ladies and gentlemen, weep for them.

Here's the list in no particular order


Serious Sam 3 is going for a sweet $5.99 in case you and your homies need high-octane alien shooting action.

Painkiller: Hell and Damnation costs a mere $3.99 if you have a friend that really wants to slice and dice demons to death.

If you'd like something a little more ironically horrifying, pick up Aliens: Colonial Marines for $4.99. Guaranteed to make you scream "HOW DID THIS GAME COME OUT?!"

Do you hate zombies as much as normal people do? Well Steam's got your game! Dead Rising 2 goes for $6.79. 

Resident Evil 5 makes for $6.79 as well for all your third person co-op needs.

Killing Floor is still enjoying its Hillbilly Horror event and can provide hours of horde based entertainment, obtainable at $4.99.

For those of us not interested in being frightened, Monaco comes in at $7.49, and one can get the entire Orcs Must Die! franchise for $8.74.

You're bound to find something suited to your tastes. Hit up the Steam Store for more options, or just look at the front page of your Steam client. Of course, there's always the chance you already own all of these games. Which is, in itself, pretty scary.

What are you grabbing from the sale?