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Time to begrudgingly forgive Rayman for his console promiscuity.

Rayman Legends Challenge Mode Hits Wii U eShop Thursday

Earlier this year Ubisoft announced that Rayman Legends would be delayed until September. Also earlier this year, Wii U owners shed a tear as the once exclusive game sold itself out the other big consoles. But really, can you blame Rayman? PS3 totally just put a pool in the backyard, and Xbox 360 has a jacuzzi. So, you know, sorry babe.

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Nintendo is building up the hype for this new Mario title!

New Modes and A New Character Revealed for New Super Mario Bros. Wii U

New Super Mario Bros. Wii U’s gameplay might look familiar on the outside, all with crisper looking graphics. However, there are plenty of new things to look forward to when on the new adventure to save Princess Toadstool. This game is already going to hold a number of modes to keep players interested in the new Mario side-scroller much longer after launch.

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