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Details about the WoW Classic launch, a BDO PS4 update, and anniversary events for Champions Online

MMO Co-Opportunities Volume CIII: Anniversaries and New Ways to Play

The first hints of Fall have begun to arrive in these early September days. Fall is a special season for MMOs, as historically many have launched during this season, meaning that a lot of anniversaries for MMOs occur around now. This month on MMO Co-Opportunities, we take a look at two anniversary-related events (the launch of the WoW Classic serve...

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Updates for TERA, holiday events for Perfect World\'s MMOs, and layoffs at Daybreak

MMO Co-Opportunities Volume XCIV: Fish, Valkyries, Perfect World, and Daybreak

For this last issue of 2018 for MMO Co-Opportunities, we’ll be looking at two updates for TERA, listing all the winter festivities coming to Perfect World’s MMOs, and reporting a large scale layoff at Daybreak. Let’s dive in. TERA to get PC and Console Updates TERA will be getting two updates in the near future: one f...

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Co-Op Casual Friday: Champions Online

For Co-Op Casual Friday this week, we turn our heroic gaze to Champions Online, a super-hero MMO that recently adopted the free to play model. Read along as we detail the first adventure of our family's father-son team, which has now been officially dubbed "The Dark Duo".

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