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MMO Co-Opportunities Volume CIII: Anniversaries and New Ways to Play
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MMO Co-Opportunities Volume CIII: Anniversaries and New Ways to Play

Details about the WoW Classic launch, a BDO PS4 update, and anniversary events for Champions Online

The first hints of Fall have begun to arrive in these early September days. Fall is a special season for MMOs, as historically many have launched during this season, meaning that a lot of anniversaries for MMOs occur around now. This month on MMO Co-Opportunities, we take a look at two anniversary-related events (the launch of the WoW Classic servers and Champions Online’s 10th anniversary events) as well as new PS4 content for Black Desert Online

WoW Classic Live, Server Transfers Incoming
World of Warcraft Classic went live at the end of August, and from the sounds of it people are pretty pleased with the experience. With Classic, Blizzard has turned back the clock 15 years to simulate the game on its launch. The engine being used is rooted in the 2019 version of the game, but the graphics, UI, and game systems are ripped straight from the game’s “vanilla” days.

Classic probably appeals the most to players who were there on the game’s launch and want to relive the game’s early state for personal nostalgia. There were so many people interested in this experience that WoW Classic has log-in queues - how’s that for authenticity! I was a bit sad to learn that players didn’t experience the looting bug (where in 2004, characters were stuck sliding around in the kneeling position) due to the modern-day engine running behind the scenes.

Blizzard is planning to open up free server transfers from the most highly populated WoW Classic servers (another authentic game-launch experience for those early, super popular MMOs). When available, players will be able to transfer from the character select screen or server queue screen. Characters will not be able to be transferred, however, if they are a guild leader, have active auctions, or have any mail.