MMO Co-Opportunities Volume XCIV: Fish, Valkyries, Perfect World, and Daybreak
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MMO Co-Opportunities Volume XCIV: Fish, Valkyries, Perfect World, and Daybreak

Updates for TERA, holiday events for Perfect World's MMOs, and layoffs at Daybreak

For this last issue of 2018 for MMO Co-Opportunities, we’ll be looking at two updates for TERA, listing all the winter festivities coming to Perfect World’s MMOs, and reporting a large scale layoff at Daybreak. Let’s dive in.

TERA to get PC and Console Updates
TERA will be getting two updates in the near future: one for PC and one for consoles.

The PC “BAF Monsters” update (coming December 11th) introduces fishing into the game. After the update, level 65 players can go join the Fishing Association where they will receive a new questline, during which they will learn how to catch and cook twelve different grades of fish from all around the world. One of these fish grades is the Big-Ass-Fish (BAF), from which the update’s name is derived. Fish can be sold for gold or Metamorphic Emblems to Association Fishmongers or Federation Resource Managers. To go along with this new system, crafting and gathering have received complete overhauls.

On January 8th, console players will be receiving an update that introduces the Valkyrie class into the game. While this class was released on PC in Spring 2017, console players have not yet had a chance to play it. There will be a special level-up event with item rewards and double XP for a week. In addition, players who log onto TERA on console before January 25th will receive a free character slot so they can ensure they have a spot to create a new character. Below is the original Valkyrie preview trailer from 2017 which should give console players a good idea of how she plays:

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