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Destroy those pesky helicopters and jets with a homing rocket!

'Festive Surprise' Update Arrives on GTA Online

Last week, Rockstar unleashed an explosion of festivity on GTA Online. Players who’d like to get into the holiday spirit can grab some new items and participate in new Christmas themed activities within the “Festive Surprise” Update featured in the latest GTA Title Update. First, we look at what new weapons can be bought at...

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Tis the season to be enchanting, adventuring, and crafting!

Additional Minecraft 7th Title Update Details Released, Festive Skin Pack Hits LIVE Tomorrow

The 7th Title Update is still off in the distance somewhere, but Microsoft has provided more details on this upcoming Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition patch that gamers are eagerly awaiting. Again, the Minecraft finale mission, known only as: “The End”, won’t be appearing in the 360 version of the game until the next major title update, but there will be plenty to explore and craft once this patch hits Xbox LIVE.

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