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Earn Some Holiday Themed Items in Uncharted 3 Today
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Earn Some Holiday Themed Items in Uncharted 3 Today

Nathan Drake wrapped up in a bow? Ladies?

As you all know, many games have received Christmas themed goodies this holiday season. As of yesterday, Uncharted 3 has joined the list and will be offering gamers in-game items for only a short time. Go adorn yourselves with Christmas cheer and obtain a brand new map by playing some multiplayer today!

Now it might look a little weird for Nathan Drake to be wearing Christmas garb in a variety of jungle/desert settings, but it will sure make you stand out from the rest online, guaranteed. Available now are two new character skin items: a Christmas present head variation and a t-shirt with developer Naughty Dog’s co-president, Christoph Balestra, wearing an elf hat on the front. An entirely new map, “Block Mesh Lab”, that looks as though you’ve been transported to Christmas Present Land (designed by former Naughty Dog lead game designer, Richard Lemarchand), will be available to earn as well.

Yeah, this map looks like a giant opened up a couple of presents boxes for players to run around on. Neat!

Gamers can grab this holiday content from this week all the way until January 8th of next year. All of these goodies are completely free, but the only way to earn them is by playing Tournament Mode. Those of you that play this game causally should take advantage of this special offer going on right now, because you might not see it again. Happy Holidays!