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MMO Co-Opportunities Volume XLX: Bring on the Content
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MMO Co-Opportunities Volume XLX: Bring on the Content

Upcoming updates to DDO, EVE Online, and DCUO

Kicking off 2015, January is fairly calm on the MMO side of things. The new year brings lots of updates for some established MMOs, such as Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO), EVE Online, and DC Universe Online (DCUO).

Temple of Elemental Evil and New Class Coming to DDO in 2015
Upcoming content for DDO was revealed in a letter to players from the Executive Producer, Robert Ciccolini. The classic dungeon, the Temple of Elemental Evil, will be arriving in the game’s next big update. The coming year will also bring a new class (quite possibly the Warlock) and a new level cap (level 30). This will be in addition to new story arcs, new festivals (including an event that will focus on mimics, everyone favorite/most hated monster), and new faction rewards.

The letter was merely an outline of what the DDO team is planning and looking into for the coming year. Other additions will more than likely make their way into the game.

EVE Online Proteus Update Drops January 13th
Tomorrow, January 13th, the first big EVE Online update of the year drops. Entitled the Proteus update, it will introduce several features, such as changes to Combat Recon ships (now impossible to detect with directional scans), a redesigned hull for Exequror ships, module group rebalances, and new visual effects in asteroid belts. Proteus will also see the retirement of the Teams feature in the game.

Some big changes are in the works for sovereignty mechanics and related features/systems. These changes will directly impact aspects of gameplay as well as alliances and corporations. Player feedback on these large scale changes is greatly encourages, so invested players should speak up on the EVE forums.

DCUO Upcoming DLC Detailed
It's been revealed that DCUO’s first DLC of 2015 will be Amazon Fury: Part II. Part of a trilogy, the first part had players explore the Amazon Civil War, which resulted in the Amazons attacking the mortal world. Part II will have players explore events that are tied into the events of Battle for Earth and Origin Crisis.The Amazon Civil War will come to the streets of Gotham, but meanwhile player heroes will visit the Underworld. There they will pass the Gates of Tartarus, navigate the Labyrinth, and fight the Minotaur Lord. From there, they will continue on to Hades’ Palace.

All of this adds up to three new raids (one each in the Underworld, Labyrinth, and Hades’ Palace), two new alerts (one on Paradise Island, the other in the Nexus of Reality/the Prime Battleground), and a bunch of new open world missions for players. Four new iconic styles will also be introduced in the DLC, two inspired by Wonder Woman and two inspired by Circe. The price of the DLC has not yet been detailed, but it will almost certainly be $10, as that’s the normal price of all other DCUO DLC.

That’s it for this month. What about you guys - working your way through any new (or newish) content in your MMO of choice? Excited for any upcoming content for your MMO?