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Can't stop the devil.

Diablo 2 Gets Patched After Five Agonizing Years

We've flung countless adventurers at the devil himself in the 15 years since Diablo 2 launched. I've run through through the pits of hell at least ten times with a buddy or two in the last decade and a half, I would not be who I am today without that harrowing journey. I placed my kris knife on the mantle for the last time around 2009, though many warriors still trudge through the low-fidelity dungeons for the chance to punch Diablo right in his stupid face. Last week, those same stalwart heroes were greeted by something they hadn't seen in five years: a brand new patch.

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A short history of the classic co-op series

Diablo: A Retrospective

As 1996 drew to a close, a new chapter in videogame history was beginning. On December 31st of that year, Diablo was released. It was a smash hit, and forever altered the gaming landscape. Diablo was a hybrid, blending action and RPG elements together, and it was incredibly fun to play, especially in cooperative mode with a few friends. Today, we’ll take a look at each game and expansion in the series, tracking the evolution of Diablo in anticipation of the launch of Diablo 3 next week.

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Splinter Cell Conviction's Co-Op Design: Core Principles To Encourage Co-Op Behavior

When looking at game design, a few things are necessary in order for co-op to work properly. Most of these things gamers don’t think about on a day to day basis - and it’s not covered in our Co-Op Terminology guide. It’s the core principles for getting players to work together, which Ubisoft designer Patrick Redding disclosed at GDC. He talks about moments where he is very satisfied with during the co-op test phase, and things that every developer (should) think about during co-op development.

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