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Players Discover the Unicorn Infested Land of Whimsyshire Within Diablo III
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Players Discover the Unicorn Infested Land of Whimsyshire Within Diablo III

It is quite possible that Blizzard wanted to spite those people who have deemed Diablo III too colorful, contrasting it from the rest of the franchise. By hiding the magical fairy land of Whimsyshire within the depths of the Diablo III, players are given a land that no one thought they’d find within the confines of a Diablo game.

It was only a few days after the Tuesday launch of Diablo III that fans discovered it. This land of unicorns and rainbows takes the demonic theme of the Diablo series and flips it completely upside down, paying homage to the famous "Secret Cow Level" of Diablo II.

Players have the opportunity to enter Whimsyshire during the first level of the game, but they’d better be sure they can handle baddies, such as deadly teddy bears and enraged unicorns, possessing level 4 strength. To enter the secret realm of Whimsyshire, however, players are required to have a done a specific sequence of events and collected the correct batch of items to travel there (good secrets are never easy to find). If you’d rather figure out how to get to Whimsyshire yourself, please skip over the spoiler video below:

Blizzard has a great way of adding irony to their games, this being one of the most creative and hilarious easter eggs gamers willl probably see in a long time. Any fan of the series should experience the level at least once in their playthroughs. Grab a friend or three and conquer Whimsyshire yourselves by purchasing Diablo III today!

Source: Gameinformer.com