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Public alpha demo is ready to play!

Space Nomads Launches Crowdfunding Drive

Space Nomads, the cooperative defense from Loading Studios, has recently launched a crowdfunding drive on Indiegogo. The team is looking for a push to finish out some of the more elaborate features in the works, including fleshing out the explorable terrain, creating flying vehicles, designing a PvP mode, and adding underground areas and ocean biomes. Even more exciting is the alpha demo is available to download!

by Nick Puleo 0
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Wing Commander creator has ambitious plans and needs your help

Chris Roberts Returns to Gaming with Star Citizen

No, that image is not the TCS Tiger Claw you see above, though the ship's creator is very familiar with the famous ship from Wing Commander.  That is a screenshot from Star Citizen, an incredibly ambitious new project from Chris Roberts.  Roberts is famous for his days at Origin systems creating the Wing Commander series and then moving on to launch Freelancer and Starlancer.  All of these games are from a genre that is all but extinct lately, the space simulator.  

by Christopher Metz 3
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Help the Scott Pilgrim Game Developers Fund Their Newest Project, Mercenary Kings

The success of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game since its release has been phenomenal. It would sounds like a no brainer to make a sequel to this game, right? Well, the game to follow it up isn’t quite a Scott Pilgrim sequel, but close to it. Mercenary Kings, another 2D action title from the guys that brought you Scott Pilgrim, want to bring the amazing, old school, pixelated graphics right back into the limelight, but only through your help can they make it happen.

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