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Co-op gaming is taken to a whole new level... by riding an elevator?

Co-Op Elevator Game Arrives on PC

Ever play a game where riding an elevator is your main and only objective? No? Well, you’re in luck, because that’s exactly what you’re getting when you download Pixeltail’s newest game, Elevator:  Source. An innovative use of Garry’s Mod within Valve's Half-Life 2, Elevator: Source brings players a simple, yet mysterious game of “28 randomly generated floors of realistic elevator physics” which will have you rolling on the floor in laughter within minutes.

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Is Valve Done With Single Player Games?

"Probably," says Geoff Keighley, in his new iTunes app/article: The Final Hours of Portal 2.  The multimedia piece offers a striking look at the inner workings of Valve Software, the makers of such industry staples as Half-Life, Team Fortress, Left 4 Dead, and their sequels.  The Final Hours of Portal 2 is an online article currently for sale at the iTunes store.  To access it you need only to follow the link above.  The most intriguing portion of co-op news come from a conversation Keighley heard between between Gabe Newell, Valve's founder, and Erik Johnson, the company's project manager:

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What's in the Box? A Valve Project Viral Video?

The above capture is from a viral video making its way around the internet.  The video is title What's in the Box, and appears to be part of a viral campaign from Valve.  Why?  There's a lot of similarities with the style of the shots and look of the video with that of their games, especially ones in the Half-Life universe.  In fact, many of the sound effects used in the video are directly from Half-Life 2

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Sven Co-Op Mod 4.0 Beta Released

It's been ten years since Half-Life 1 was released, but that doesn't mean the modding scene has died down any.  In fact, one of the best mods for the game has always been the Sven Co-Op Mod.  Last week the team finally release the first beta of Version 4.0 of the mod.  Along with the ability to play through the entire Half-Life storyline in co-op, players can now play through the Opposing Force add on as well as tons of custom maps

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Black Mesa Source Trailer

The original Half-Life set the bar in so many ways for the first person shooter genre when it launched over 10 years ago.  One of the things missing though was co-op play.  And while there's plenty of mods that add this to Valve's classic,  this brand new remake looks extremely promising.

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