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Somebody set this version's difficulty to impossible

Co-Op International: Altered Beast

Disney's latest animated feature Wreck-It Ralph is chock full of videogame references, some more obscure than others. For instance, the final boss of Altered Beast makes a brief cameo in his rhino form. That gives us the perfect excuse to look at an obscure Japanese port of the game in our latest installment of Co-Op International. This month we look at Altered Beast (called Juuoki in Japan) for the PC Engine, an 8-bit system known as the Turbografx-16 in the west.

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New Dodonpachi Shmup Coming to Xbox 360 in Japan Next Year

Japanese shoot-em-up makers CAVE have recently expressed interest in leaving the console market for the mobile market's greener pastures. Yet it turns out they have another Xbox 360 release in store for us after all. Dodonpachi Saidaioujou (a title which is extremely unpleasant to type and has no direct English translation) , the latest in CAVE's long-running Dodonpachi series, will make the transition from arcades to 360 next year.

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Ragnarok Odyssey Receives Online Patch, Still No US Release Date

Ragnarok Odyssey launched back in February for the PlayStation Vita in Japan.  The title is a Monster Hunter like game where players can team up and complete quests.  The problem is, it was released without any online co-op, instead players were limited to AD-HOC co-op only.  For Japan, this isn't a HUGE deal - but if and when the game is released in North America, online co-op is a must.

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