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Enjoy gorgeous art and exclusive development details from WayForward's hotly anticipated beat 'em up RPG!

River City Girls 2: Intro Animation Gallery and Behind the Scenes Info

River City Girls 2 is out now in Japan, but we're still waiting for the official worldwide release date. Something we always look forward to from WayForward games is their memorable introductions. We can already tell you that the animated River City Girls 2 intro does not disappoint. In fact, after watching the catchy opening, we spoke with Adam Tierney of WayForward about exactly how the animation was put together!

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Watch This Borderlands 2 Introduction Trailer to Torture Yourself Pre-Release, Borderlands 1 Co-Op Night Event Scheduled

Borderlands 2 is only a couple of weeks away from release, and the itch to play the game is overwhelming. To make matters worse, we watched a video like the one in this article of our own free will. For any co-op gamer, it’s useful for both extreme relief and extreme torture, seeing only a small portion of how much co-op potential the game has. All we want to do is play it in the very near future.

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