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Madden NFL 25, FIFA 14, and NBA 2k14

PlayStation 4 Sports Games Round-Up

I've always thought that sports games sell next-gen systems. It gives an easy bar to measure the quality of the graphics against. It's something relatable to most people and everyone is always pushing towards the most "realistic" looking graphics possible. Sports games are inherently co-op, usually offering offline co-op for gamers to team up against the computer. We typically only list sports games in our database that have explicit co-op modes; like online franchises, leagues or second screen stuff designed to be played against the computer.

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Coach Glass is another second screen co-op.

Madden NFL 25 on Xbox One Features Unique Co-Op Mode

Second screen co-op seems to be one of those next-gen features that everyone wants to implement, but nobody is really sure if they are going to stick and take off. While not a traditional form of co-op play, these modes allow a one or more additional players to utilize a tablet or phone to somehow enhance the primary player's experience. The latest game to give this a shot is Madden NFL 25 from EA Sports on the Xbox One.

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