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So many Mons to Hun

Nintendo Switch Getting Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

While many Monster Hunter fans were disappointed that Capcom wouldn't be bringing Monster Hunter: World to the Nintendo Switch, last Thursday, the developer posted an announcement video on their YouTube channel for a Switch-exclusive Monster Hunter title. Don't get too excited, though, this isn't exactly an all new game. In Japan, the expanded version of Monster Hunter Generations is known as Monster Hunter XX, and Capcom is bringing that game to the Switch as Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

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Monster Hunter X gets a nice and neat English localization.

Get Your Hunter Arts Ready for Monster Hunter Generations

It's barely been a year since Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate made its way stateside, and to be honest, I'm still playing it. The series became something of a surprise hit outside of Japan thanks to the intensive effort put in by the localization team. Naturally, when Monster Hunter X was released in Japan last year, North American gamers had three words on their mind: us next plz?

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