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PAX Prime 2011 Community Co-Op Video

This year the Co-Opticrew approached the Penny-Arcade Expo with a different goal in mind.  Having played and covered most of the titles at E3 earlier in the year, we wanted to do something special which featured gamers themselves.  So we grabbed our camera and went around asking PAX goers questions about co-op games.

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We bring back details of Borderlands 2 from PAX 2011

Borderlands 2 Eyes on Impressions

Gearbox Software was showing off Borderlands 2 at PAX Prime this year, showcasing some of the tweaks and changes the game has taken on.  The line for the game was definitely one of the longest of the show, with wait times approaching 5 hours.  Keep in mind - that's not the wait to PLAY the game - that's to watch a 15 minute developer driven demo in a small theater.  People are definitely excited for this one - and so are we.

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