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Battlefield 3: Community Event - Co-Op, Versus Hands On
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Battlefield 3: Community Event - Co-Op, Versus Hands On

We go hands on with co-op and versus at an exclusive event during PAX

While last week was PAX Prime, Seattle was host to another event in its city - the Battlefield 3 Community Event.  EA flew out various members of the gaming community to get some exclusive hands on time with the game in both co-op on the PlayStation 3 and multiplayer on the PC.  

The event kicked off with some good old fashioned socializing, as I met some great people from other sites like Red vs. Blue,  Unscripted 360, EnterBF3 and numerous others.  After some food and drinks it was onto the game - up first - Co-Op on the PlayStation 3!

I partnered up with Shipwreck from Cheap Ass Gamer for the game's two player co-op mode.  Our mission?  Rescue an asset and then get him to safety.  

The asset was located in a building, and as we entered the door, we were told only to engage as necessary.  Pshawww!  As if.  We immediately were confronted with two guards with their backs turned, and in true co-op fashion we called our targets, counted down, and dropped them with silenced pistols.

I then proceeded to move ahead and get caught on a security camera, triggering an alarm and soon we were swarmed by guards.  So after we both went down there we restarted and tried again, this time shooting the camera and making it all the way to the asset.  Once rescued, it was outside to the convoy to bring him to safety.  Obviously this wasn't going to be an easy path to victory as we were suddenly ambushed.  

Enemies flowed from buildings onto the streets, shot at us from rooftops, and generally made our lives a living hell.  We hid in concrete cover that exploded into pieces with every bullet that hit it.  We were pinned and could barely locate the enemy.  The night vision scope on our rifles made it easier to pinpoint enemy locations but the constant surpressing fire made it difficult to move.  Shipwreck and I did the best we could, reviving each other when downed, but soon it was game over.

So we had to do it ALL over again.  Hopefully there are checkpoints in the final version of these missions.

After numerous successive attempts...we never completed with mission.  It was intense, it was satisfying, and it was brutally hard.  We devised numerous strategies on the fly but never seemed to find the one to make it work.  Sadly we were out of time on the PS3.

The PlayStation 3 version of the game looks impressive for sure - and it controls well enough, though something could still be said about the damn Dual Shock analog sticks for shooters.  But now, it was onto the PC where the game was made and into multiplayer.