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Learn who\'s playable and what has been upgraded in the upcoming beat \'em up.

River City Girls 2 Developer Interview

Last week, we interviewed Adam Tierney of WayForward about River City Girls Zero, which is out on Switch and scheduled to arrive on other platforms soon. Zero isn't WayForward's only upcoming River City Girls game, though. River City Girls 2 is due out this year. To learn more about the hotly anticipated beat 'em up sequel, we inte...

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River City Ransom: Underground Now on Kickstarter

River City Ransom set an early precedent for how a brawler should control and feel. Utilizing RPG and twitch based mechanics to tell the emotionally charged story of high school students Ryan and Alex beating the stupid out of frat guys and jocks to rescue a pretty lady, River City Ransom is something of a cult classic among gamers of the 8-bit generation and beyond. Developer Conatus Creative aims to give this highly cherished game a sequel worthy of its heritage via Kickstarter.

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