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From turn-based to frantic bullet hell in one episode

Shadowrun Meets Renegade Ops In The Latest Episode Of F.A.L.C.O.

The Friday Awesomely Live Co-Op crew has never claimed to know anything. The other editors here at Co-Optimus are smart, witty, and have their act together. F.A.L.C.O., on the other hand, are just three average gamer dads who enjoy unwinding after a week of working for the man. So last week, when we jumped into Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown, we were surprised to find that all the missions we played were only two player!

by Jason Love 0
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Update fixes some issues with add-on, gives free pet

New Shadowrun Chronicles Content Receives Halloween Patch

A few weeks back, Shadowrun Chronicles, the MMO-style Shadowrun game we checked out sometime back, received some new content just in time for Halloween: "Infected." The new add-on included more guns, skills, missions, and enemies as you searched for a cure to a deadly virus affecting the citizens of Boston. It's arrival, however, was not without a couple of hiccups.

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